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New Oil Painting "Until Spring 2"


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"The Garcia's Son" Oil on canvas

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Pure Michigan
Oil on Canvas 36x60" gallery wrapped canvas
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JOHNNY NITRO 1951 - 2011

Oil Portrait  - Art By Lisabelle


Welcome to Art By Lisabelle Portraits of People and Pets since 1987

Hand Painted Portraits of people, pets and places. Lisabelle is a recognized and awarded portrait artist since 1987. 
With over twenty-six years of experience in the painting of fine art portraits.
While visiting Art By Lisabelle you may also view a broad spectrum of works including Impressionistic landscape paintings, realistic still-life, abstract and realism in floral painting.
Fine Art by Lisabelle and many commissioned portraits are in private and corporate collections from coast to coast.
Portraits and fine art paintings may be commissioned in oil, pastel, acrylic and watercolor paints.
People and Pet Portraits from Art by Lisabelle are original, expressive and true to life representations.
Have a favorite photo brought to life as an oil portrait painting on canvas.
When you commission Art By Lisabelle for your portraits of people, pets or even your favorite places,  every painting and portrait by Lisabelle is guaranteed to be created with the highest professional standards and the finest archival materials.  
Portraits are family heirlooms, personalized gifts and make excellent memorial tributes.
To have a consultation for portraits or general art related inquiries, you may contact Art By Lisabelle


Unveiling and hanging ceremony with the Institute of Social Research,
University of Michigan 2010 “Irene Hess” 1910-2009.





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