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"Until Spring"
New Painting March 7, 2014

Acrylic on canvas 11x14"




 "Winter Time Blues"
New Painting February 27, 2014

Acrylic on canvas 11x14"


JOHNNY NITRO 1951 - 2011

JOHNNY NITRO 1951-2011 Oil Portrait Art by Lisabelle 12/12/12
Oil Portrait  - Art By Lisabelle -

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"A painting of AJ at 4 years of age, on a fieldtrip nursery school excursion to beautiful Bodega Bay, near San Francisco
to a giant pumpkin patch.  He found his giant pumpkin and made such a face that it struck my creative vein.
Oil on wood.  24x36" Available here in print."

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July 2013 New Paintings and Biography

Pure Michigan

PURE MICHIGAN Oil on canvas. 36x60" Art By Lisabelle 2013

Pure Michigan
Oil on Canvas 36x60" wrapped canvas
July 14, 2012 (original painting is for sale contact Art By Lisabelle for more information)

"..I'm All Over The Map"
...paintings inspired by the eye candy of awesome nature...
I'm up to six trips across the United States of America more

July 2013 New Paintings and Biography

Dave and His "Chuby"

Portraits of People an Pets Art By Lisabelle, Commissioned Portrait in Pastel. Title: Dave and Chuby 2013,

Pastel Portrait of Dave and Chuby his dog.. on Paper 24x19"
July 2013
A Commissioned artwork SOLD


Welcome to Art By Lisabelle Portraits of People and Pets since 1987

Hand Painted Portraits of people, pets and places. Lisabelle is a recognized and awarded portrait artist since 1987. 
With over twenty-six years of experience in the painting of fine art portraits.
While visiting Art By Lisabelle you may also view a broad spectrum of works including Impressionistic landscape paintings, realistic still-life, abstract and realism in floral painting.
Fine Art by Lisabelle and many commissioned portraits are in private and corporate collections from coast to coast.
Portraits and fine art paintings may be commissioned in oil, pastel, acrylic and watercolor paints.
People and Pet Portraits from Art by Lisabelle are original, expressive and true to life representations.
Have a favorite photo brought to life as an oil portrait painting on canvas.
When you commission Art By Lisabelle for your portraits of people, pets or even your favorite places,  every painting and portrait by Lisabelle is guaranteed to be created with the highest professional standards and the finest archival materials.  
Portraits are family heirlooms, personalized gifts and make excellent memorial tributes.
To have a consultation for portraits or general art related inquiries, you may contact Art By Lisabelle


Portrait Paintings of Couples, Families, Classmates, Colleagues..



Fine Art Paintings Oil and Pastel Landscapes

Wild Horses of Albuquerque.  Original Oil Landscape Painting Art By Lisabelle 11x14" on canvas August 2012

Sonoma County Wine Country oil painting Art By Lisabelle 11x14" oil on canvas

Pinot Grigio Vineyard Sonoma County, Oil on Canvas, Art By Lisabelle 11x14" 9/23/2012

Art By Lisabelle New Original Oil Painting 9/4/2012 Oil on Canvas, 18x24" Title: Bicycle Trek Santa Rosa to Sebastopol, CA 2011

Truth or Consequences, New Mexico Oil on Canvas 8x10" July 28, 2012

Evo 4G Fun In The Sun Oil on Canvas Art By Lisabelle Sold July 17, 2012

Oil painting Art by Lisabelle, August 3, 2012, Oil on Canvas 20x24"

New California Sunbeam 
Oil on wood 24x30"




SOLD Here is a link for prints (

Companions Wild Horses of Nevada Oil on Canvas Art By Lisabelle  May 2013 (22x28" on canvas)

WILD HORSES of NEVADA Art by Lisabelle Oil on canvas 22x28"


New Decorative Painting (Folk Art Series)


Oil Portraits  -  Pastel Portraits  -  Acrylic Portraits -  Watercolor Portraits

Art By Lisabelle Portraits of People and Pets Since 1987 ALL AGES...ALL MEDIUMS

Pastel Portraits

Oil Portraits

Watercolor Portraits

Acrylic Portraits

"Skyler" A Pastel Portrait by Art By Lisabelle

For more examples here's a

Dr. Robert Brundage 1942 - 2009 Oil Portrait Art By Lisabelle

Dr. Robert Brundage 1949 - 2009

For more examples here's a


Moran a watercolor portrait by Lisabelle 2009

"Moran" Awarded Watercolor Portrait. 
Art By Lisabelle


"Nilla" 2011
Portraits from photos, A hand painted portrait of an adorable
White Maltese.

"Richie" A commissioned oil portrait.  18x24"
Art by Lisabelle, portraits of people and pets of all ages!



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